CN is your true partner in the food value chain

Whether you’re shipping chilled or frozen goods from one country to another, or even one continent to another, you can now get your precious cargo to its destination faster and in great condition!


Every Minute Counts

Because a day saved in transit is a day gained on the shelves, our dedicated team works closely with all the pieces of the supply chain to make sure that your perishable goods get to destination exactly as you want them, safely, right away; with some of the fastest transit times in the industry!

We can handle it! The capacity available along our network allows us to avoid costly idling and delays- saving you precious time and money!

Canada/U.S./ Mexico Border Opportunity

CN has the only rail network that touches 3 coasts in North America linking the Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf coasts; giving you easy access to over 75% of the US markets as well as all Canadian markets.

International Opportunity

Our network and partnerships with steamship lines, ports and terminal operators allows us the best and the shortest transit times to growing and emerging markets such as China, Japan, South-East Asia and Latin America.


Every Degree Counts

We understand the responsibility and importance of providing a safe shipping experience. A variation as little as 4 degrees in temperature for a container can have a catastrophic impact on your business. So we put our money where our mouth is; investing in people and equipment that offer you peace of mind when shipping your temperature-sensitive goods.


Dedicated Team

  • We have a dedicated team of experts who are responsible for providing support to ensure on-time booking and an easy reservation process. Our reefer specialists take the responsibility off your shoulders by using our advanced monitoring and reporting tools; so your goods are in safe hands!

Remote Temperature Monitoring and Control

  • Legislation around food safety is something serious. We offer beginning to end of trip, automated customized temperature reporting, including historical reporting on location and temperature parameters. Our system helps customers achieve full cold chain traceability through remote GPS track and trace systems and even allows remote temperature adjustments.

Equipment Technology and Availability

  • We have the new generation of equipment that comes equipped with alarms that go off when temperatures deviate from pre-set thresholds, thus providing Enhanced Cargo security.
  • For added security our gensets come equipped with two engines. If one fails, the other one starts automatically!
  • We have also recently purchased over 200 brand new 53’reefer containers! This investment will help us better serve you for those long-haul domestic moves, opening new doors to grow your business!


  • Sustainability is very important to us and over the long-haul nothing can compete with our rail network! We’ve invested heavily in modern technology in order to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. Some of our gensets can accommodate up to 16 or 17 refrigerated units, compared to a single one when moved by truck. Talk about substantial improvements in fuel economy and emissions!

Every Penny Counts

Pricing fluctuations can be a real headache! Ironically, with other transportation providers the increase in price often coincides with reduced capacity. We give stable, predictable pricing year-round, saving you a ton of money in the long run and allowing you to better manage your business. It’s the CN advantage!


Avoid The Customs Lineups!

We all know how much precious time customs documentation and clearance can take away from your day.

Leave this part to us – you’ll be happy you did!

We Can Provide:

  • 24/7 single point of contact
  • Licensed brokers to review entries
  • No demurrage charges for broker failure
  • Clearance offered in Canada, U.S. and Mexico

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